Joining Virtus isn’t just a gym membership. You are joining a tribe of humans who are all in the pursuit of improvement.

When you first get started, you will go through an on-boarding process which consists of 3 private sessions with a performance coach. This is so that we can get to know you, what you are trying to achieve and how we can best serve you. From there, you can decide what services you wish to take advantage of.

what does my membership include?

Virtus offers a few different membership options, so depends on which one you jump into. All of our training options will include support from our performance coaches, goal setting, a movement screen and wellness tracking.

We are not like other gyms; we provide an environment where you can come in, be yourself and improve at whatever your thing is. You get access to a community of like-minded individuals and expert coaches who will help you move and feel better.

what if i’ve never lifted weights before?

No worries, it’s never too late to start.

Weight training is an important part of any training program and will help you become a strong, functional human. We incorporate it into all our programs.

However, we will teach you how to lift safely and proficiently before jumping into any of our classes. Learning proper patterning and positions is a crucial part of our on-boarding process and we will ensure that you have a good understanding of how to lift.

I’m injured, can I still train?

If you are injured, we can help you. This is why we have a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals on hand to assess, diagnose and treat if necessary.

During the on-boarding sessions, if you present with any pain, we will refer you to Greg, our sports physiotherapist who will work with you to treat and eliminate the pain and/ or dysfunction. Once we have ticked all the boxes and gotten you pain free, we can dive into what’s next.

can i afford it?

We look at this as an investment into your health. The ultimate goal is to be training, moving and living for as long as possible. If you don’t invest into your health and wellness, this is not possible.

It might mean that you have to eliminate costs somewhere else (for example, not deciding to buy that next coffee), but we promise, it will be worth it!


Great question, we knew you’d ask. At Virtus, your experience is tailored to you. We have a range of coaching, training and pricing options, which will vary depending on your wants and needs. You can click this link to find a summary of our pricing and coaching options.

What times can I come in to train?

All of our Group Training (VGT) and Virtus Athletic Development (VAD) are at set times (click here to see the Timetable). If you wanted to dive into private or semi-private training, we are flexible on when you can come in.

As we’ve mentioned, we aren’t like other gyms. There is no “open gym” where you are left on your own to train whenever you like. You’ll be training in a group, or following your own session, all while being coached through your movement.

do i need to be fit before i get started?

No, that’s our job. People of any background or experience can get started with us. We cater to all levels of fitness. In our on-boarding introduction sessions, we will adapt the training to your ability.

How do i get started?

Click here to send a form so that one of our coaches can get in touch.

Can’t wait to hear from you.