Virtus Online coaching

The gym is closed, but we’re still getting it done at home.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a gym newbie, we’ve got what you need. Our team of Performance Coaches have put together a range of training options to help you achieve your goals. Become a member of the elite Virtus Bodybuilding Club or be prepared for whatever may come with Need for Speed. Or anything in between.

The choice is yours.

Lockdown VGT

Our flagship group training program based around connection, progress and fun. If you want to become a part of an amazing community of people, all in pursuit of their goals, this is for you. It may be on Zoom, but the banter, coaching, progress and great vibes haven’t gone anywhere.

Virtus Bodybuilding Club

Lockdown VAD

Work one-on-one with a Virtus Performance Coach for personalised programming and accountability. This is tailored directly to your goals and whatever you need. If you’re an athlete, mum of two or just someone who has a specific goal you want to attain, this is for you.

Need For Speed

Speed Kills… especially when you don’t have it. Pursue your athletic potential with a speed and power program designed to make you the ultimate weapon. Train fast, play fast.

Join the elite Virtus Bodybuilding Club. If getting strong and jacked is your game, enter here. Warning: not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to partner this program with plenty of food and rest.

Run Forrest Run

Virtus Home Warriors

Want to be able to outrun your kids, dog and zombies? Or simply want to get off the couch and be able to do a lap of the block? Either way, this program is designed to teach you how to run well, and run often!

Say goodbye to the “dad bod” and “mummy tummy’’. This is a program for guys and gals who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing, and look good doing it.

P.S. Is money a barrier? Don’t let it be. Email Lachie and we’ll hook you up with some free access so you can continue nailing your health and hotness during this difficult time.