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Introduction Session

Welcome to Virtus.

Your journey starts here, with a no obligation, free session designed to introduce you to Virtus and our team.

But most of all, we want to get to know you. We want to know why you are choosing now to take the actions which will help you move, feel and perform better!

To book in, click here.

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Onboarding Process

After you’ve completed your introduction session, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to dive in with one of our Performance Coaches. Our Onboarding Process consists of 3 one-to-one sessions.

At Virtus, your experience is tailored to you and we want to see you succeed long term. So we take our time progressing you to our classes or coaching. In these sessions, we touch on:

– Your goals and ambitions

– Your training and injury history

– Complete a movement screen to test your capacity and how well you move, plus a whole lot more.

This process sets you up to succeed. All you need to do, is show up, and put in the work.

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Virtus Group Training

Our Group Training is designed with two things in mind:

1. Your goals, and

2. The incredible community that can help you achieve them.

With structured programming and 18 weekly sessions, you’ll feel like the programs are written just for you. Our pillars of Movement, Strength and Conditioning, gives you holistic program that will see you improve. Best of all, you get to spend time with other wonderful humans hungry to achieve their goals.

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Athletic Development

Virtus Athletic Development programs are designed to give individual and team sport athletes a chance to grow and improve outside of their sport. We want to help you prepare to perform, in and out of season, to create a stronger, faster, more resilient athlete.

Our programs and performance seminars are put together with individualisation in mind. Whether you are looking for individual sessions, training blocks or long term athletic development, we can modify the program to your wants, needs and budget.

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Yoga is a moving meditation combining elements of breath, and movement. Vinyasa Yoga simply means “purposeful movement of the body, with the breath”. Classes include a range of slow flow, chill style postures and movements, as well as a stronger Vinyasa practice allowing you build strength and flexibility of both the mind and body.

Our resident yogi, Anna aims to educate and empower you to live and feel better in your body; gaining a greater understanding of movement and the breath, keeping you balanced and free of pain.

sports physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

In our holistic approach to health and performance, we place a high importance on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our Sports Physiotherapist will do 4 things:

1. Find the cause of your problem, to;
2. Explain the cause of your symptoms, then
3. Determine the most effective treatment/exercise, to:
4. Shorten your time to recovery.

You can count on the above elements in your Sports Physiotherapy service with Greg Dea. As a professional instructor in assessment, diagnostics and exercise treatment, and with nearly 18 years in the industry, Greg is the best at what he does.

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We could tell you about all the plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls that we use to help get you faster, stronger, or fitter. But everyone else already does all that. We invest our time into getting you to your goals by helping you first find your path, then we don’t just make you faster, or stronger, or fitter… We make you better. From a holistic, third person perspective we can help you manage the weakest links in your life whilst improving your strengths. The way we approach performance is multi faceted, to create the most change for you.

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Education is one of the reasons Virtus came to be in the first place. We believe that all individuals should come to understand how to best optimise the body we are given to give us the results we desire.

Whether you’re a School, Club, Tafe, Community organisation or Individual, our education programs are designed to give you the very best cutting edge information in the Health, Performance, Wellbeing and rehabilitation fields.

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Open for Coaches, Practitioners, Students and individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of Strength and Conditioning and Coaching. Our 12 week Mentorship program is designed to teach the art and science of what it takes to change lives. With a mix of online content and time spent in the gym, you’ll develop more in 3 months than you have in the last three years.

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Community Events

The best part about joining Virtus isn’t always the services we provide. It is the community of legendary humans which we have cultivated over the past three years. One person alone can make a small difference, a whole tribe of people can make a big impact.

The Virtus Family participates in a number of community events and fundraisers across the year, this is your chance to be a part of it.