Information Overload

We live in a world at a time where information is free and plentiful. So plentiful that we all have a constant stream of new information coming in on a daily basis. That stream of information is so thick, so dense, so overwhelming that most of the time its hard to discern good, usable information from the garbage that can fill our screens and minds. 

Fun fact: 90% of the data we have ever produced, has been generated in the past 24 months.
This is insane. 

Fake news, propaganda, advertising disguised as real information, social media influencers, hashtags and short sharp bites of information all designed to steal our attention, even for a second, so we buy, or at least pay complete attention to whatever they want us to. 

It’s basically mind control. 

Here’s how we stop the rot… or at least take a stand for thought-provoking discussion, thought and understanding of what we are listening to, watching and talking about. 

Long form conversation, silence, discussions and reflection.
Long form quality information sharing isn’t dead, but in certain pockets of society, it needs a revival. 
Podcasts, actual conversation, reading and writing, actual silence, these are the things that allow us to discern between the important exciting stuff and the rabble that fills our minds.

Too often we have the same mindnumbing conversations with the same people over the same shit on a weekly basis. Or worse, we spend hours discussing the latest reality T.V show, what the Royals are doing, or who will win the bachelor.

Banter and conversation with the people we love, doesn’t always have to be about the meaning of life or whether free will exists. But I think we can make a little more of an effort not to bitch about others or share our opinion on who the badge will give a rose to. 

My stop-gap solution: let’s take a stand against the consumption of attention seeking information. 
Spend time listening and learning from the people around you. Read books. Listen to long-form podcasts. 
Spend a day without your phone. Meditate. Spend time in nature, with others or in complete silence by yourself. 

Let your brainpower build and build until you are so woke that you can bend spoons and control objects with your mind. 



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