You don’t know what you want…

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Your goals should be shaped by your desires, and supported by your allies.

I live in the service industry. I’m lucky enough to facilitate achievement in others on some level every day.

Whether it be a group training or a 1 on 1 client, or one of our mentees in our mentorship programs, or one of our staff, or even someone who has asked for advice or direction over a coffee or a message.

I read a stat the other day that only 20% of people set goals, and of that 20, only 30% actually come close to achieving them… now I’m not great at maths but I think that leaves us with only about 6% of people getting what they want…


That’s insane… what are the other 94% of us stuck in a place where we don’t achieve what we set out to, or even worse, don’t actually set out in the first place. The problem…

Most of us, don’t actually know what we want.

I discuss goals and achievement with all of those people I listed above, and I talk with all new Virtus enquiries about what they want, and if we get that far, why they want it.

The one thing that continually sticks out is that same issue. Most of us, don’t actually know what we want. 
If we do know what we want, most of the time we are too busy getting in our own way to actually get it.

Even if we get to the stage of writing our desires down, very few people can tell me why they want something.
The goal isn’t coming from a deep burning desire, it’s usually driven from what others tell us we want, or our ego clouding our judgement.

Heres the solution… or a solution at least… I don’t know what everyone wants, but I can tell you what most people want.
We are basically pleasure monkeys… we do things because they make us feel good. Whether it be having friends over for dinner, running that 10k, eating that whole block of chocolate, or binging on the 10th Netflix episode for the day.

Feel good pleasure monkeys

The trick, I believe, is to chase the things that give us a long lasting sense of pleasure and achievement.

We want to be happy
We want to have freedom
We want to be at peace
We want to be challenged
We want to have balance
We want to fee fulfilled
We want to feel confident
We want stability
We want to be passionate
We want to love and be loved

What do you really want? What do you actually desire? 
And are you on track to get it? 

I’d love to hear from you, one way or another. Maybe I can help you get there…

Be Amazing.


What do I want? That list above are my desires, plus I want to live moments like the one in the photo as often as possible.