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The 20 things I’m most proud of… 

Last week I was asked this question by a very good friend, I chose to try and fill this list as quickly as possible to ensure it was as raw and honest as possible, here goes. 

  1. Virtus – the brand and community I’ve created (with lots of help).

  2. My open-mindedness.

  3. My ability to take action.

  4. My love for being uncomfortable.

  5. My relationships – Kp, Friends, Family. The connection is strong.

  6. My work ethic.

  7. My parents.

  8. My sisters.

  9. KP.

  10. My friends – I love you all.

  11. My all or nothing personality.

  12. My loyalty.

  13. My team at Virtus. 

  14. My ability to create the environment around me to be something that serves me and those who buy into it. 

  15. My football achievements.

  16. My rad jokes.

  17. My taste in people, books, podcasts, movies, music and tv.

  18. My decisiveness.

  19. My standards.

  20. Being content with what / who I am even though I want to be better. 

That’s me, Have a crack, it’s a nice feeling. 


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