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Setting your Intention

We all have times in our lives where people we look up to are banging on about something but we don’t listen or don’t understand its importance straight away. We might think we get it or think we understand but it’s not until we actually have that ah-ha moment when it clicks and we realise that maybe we weren’t as dialled in as we thought. 

Well for me this was setting my intention. When introduced to the concept in 2017 by a mentor Drew Slater, I thought ‘yep, got it, that makes sense’ and it did. But I didn’t act on it. 

But like a lot of fantastic concepts, I didn’t really implement it into my life straight away. It wasn’t until the penny dropped during Speaker School a few weeks ago and a meeting with another mentor, that I realised each time I didn’t set my intention, I was missing out on the opportunity to educe a change in behaviour in myself or others.

We all know intrinsically that when we set our mind to something, we tend to achieve it. Setting an intention behind something allows us to double check why we do anything. This reinforces whether or not we are doing things to serve us, or if we are getting sucked into doing things because it’s the social norm to do so. For example. Am I writing this blog because It serves me to get my thoughts down in writing, or am I writing it because of some expectation that I’ll keep putting content out? When I set my intention before I started typing it was simple “Explain what I’ve learnt as it will reinforce the importance of setting my intention for myself, and anyone who reads it”

Even now I forget to set my intention with some things. But each time I do, it lays the foundation for this to become a habit which I know will serve me for the rest of my life. 

When do I set my intention? As often as possible. Meetings, coffee dates, work days, rest days, overseas trips, training sessions etc. At the start of the day, the start of the week and the start of the month I can set a big intention, to ensure I stay on track.

Everything I do is an opportunity to set my intention. This way I know that I’ll be maximising my ability to get or give what I need for any situation.

Have a ripper day. 

Wallace Out. 

IMG 9402