Filling Your Cup To Be Your Best Self

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

This analogy is something that I have preached consistently for the past 12 months, yet have practised sporadically.

As I have been thrown my time and energy into work, I found myself neglecting to fill my cup, particularly focusing on my health.

This has been a tough thing to admit to myself, but hey, the penny has finally dropped.

When you spend most of your day looking after other people, you tend to forget about yourself.

Just because I love what I do, doesn’t mean that I won’t eventually burn out and resent coming to work. There were some mornings when this wasn’t far from reality.

Only when my cup was almost empty, would I allow myself time to fill it up again.

Things needed to change. But change isn’t easy.

That change and I’m still working on it, is focused looking after myself first, then my staff and then the Virtus Family.

Spending time walking, reading, resting, learning, hiking, recovering, TRAINING. All of the things that make me feel like me.

Taking the time to fill my cup.

Then coming back recharged, rejuvenated and ready to do my job. Ready to help others become better.

This has been my focus for the past few months and it will be a big focus for 2018.

Some days I’ll nail it, some days I won’t. But knowing that if I put my health first, it will flow on and enable me to give all I can to others.

Here is to a year of filling my cup. Looking after my health, my relationships, my business and my education.

*If you are someone who looks after others, remind yourself daily, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’

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