Week 1, 2018.

2018 has come around quickly. To celebrate I’ll share with you 5 of my goals for 2018. It’s almost February already, so we are basically 8% through the year (yeah it goes fast)

  1. Visit 6 new countries in 2018 (I’ve booked 5 so far)
  2. Read 50 books (this started as 36.5 – one every 10 days, however, I have read 11 thus far, so 50 is certainly doable, maybe 100, I’ll reassess)
  3. Put together our revised Vision for Virtus, and begin to implement our strategies to get there (this scares the shit out of me) but it is also crazy exciting so play on.
  4. Sort out my own training. This is an area I lacked continuity in 2017. My perfect week looks something like 3-4 Strength + Conditioning Sessions, 1 x Football session, 1 x Football Game and 1 x Yoga session.  If I hit this I’m happy, if I don’t, I’ll try to be better next week.
  5. Daily check-ins for Gratitude (3 things I’m grateful for), Perspective(what do I have the opportunity to do today) and reminders of Why I do what I do. 

And my mantra for 2018.
Show up, Smile and make a difference. 

Look down for some stuff that’s happening in my brain …

Thanks for paying attention.

2018 will be a year filled with Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships! 

See you next week!

Ps. (How pretty are our team, excuse the terrible lid in the front…)

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