March18 7528

Doing less, to achieve more.

As a business owner and coach.

I hunt progression and growth.

For myself, my staff and my clients.

I always want to be improving, learning and being better.

I’m willing to do almost anything to get from where I am now, to where I want to be.
Sometimes I work too hard, take on more than I should, try to do everything at once.

Whatever it takes, blood, sweat, tears, late nights, early mornings, sacrifice after sacrifice.

It doesn’t matter, I’ll have a crack.
The effort has never been a problem for me.

It’s hard. Showing up trying to do my best, to make a difference, day after day.

Here’s the thing. Things need to change.
I need to work less and look after myself more.
If I fall in a heap, I’m no good to anyone.

Do less to do more, is a simple way of looking at it.
Earlier this week I made a promise to myself.
I will start to look after myself more.

There are 6 measure I will use to do this.

We call them daily minimums.
6 simple daily targets, to get me to where I want to be, without killing myself in the process.

1. Minimum 7 Hours Sleep

2. 3 High quality meals

3. 20 Minutes of daily Meditation

4. 30 Minutes of training or movement

5. Create or consume 1 piece of new content (Blog/Podcast/Book)

6. Drink 3 Litres of water
I enlisted the help of two legendary humans.

Together, we will hold each other accountable, daily, to hit these targets.
When we fall, $5 will go into our minimums jar, and we will pick each other up, and do better the next day.
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Life is hard, especially when you face your struggles, challenges and problems alone.
Time to start looking after yourself.
Time to ask for help.
Time to move towards the life you want, and away from the life you don’t.
If you need help, I’m always here to listen.

March+18 7528