“If you’re not having fun, whats the point”


I dont think we have enough of it. 

I know we dont have enough of it. 

As we get older, it seems we stop having fun. 

At least the amount of fun we have drops significantly. 

I’m not entirely sure why that it is.

But added responsibilities, being an ‘adult’ and the pressure to comply with‘social norms’ have sucked the fun out of life for a lot of people. 

This sucks, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

I have certainly been a victim of the ‘fun police’ 

Putting myself under so much pressure that I forget why I go show up to work in the first place. 

Now we can’t have fun all the time. 

We still need to do the hard things, show up, and put in the work. 

But here is my challenge to you.

Try and find the fun in every day. 

Its there and most days, you dont have to look very hard. 

Every time you laugh, every time a giant smile spreads across your face, you’re winning. 

You get extra points if you make someone else smile too. 

Life is fun. How much so is up to you.  

The best way to have fun I find is to pattern interrupt your day. 

It doesn’t matter what it is, just get out of the routine with something you love. 

Have an amazing day, I’m off to play some Virtus Ball…

(Below: Having fun in the best way with my little mate)