Last week I talked about goals

I spoke about the importance of knowing where you are and knowing where you want to be.

I have more to add.

You also need to know that there will be 1000 little steps in between.

It will never be one big jump.

If you try to make it all happen at once

You’re just setting yourself up to fail.

The first couple of times you’ll dust yourself off, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. 

But eventually, the failure starts to get to you.

How do I know this? Because this is what I’ve done.

It’s one of my patterns

I start progressing, moving forward and then try to push the envelope by expecting too much of myself.

Then I feel rubbish for not hitting my targets. 

Consistently failing without reprieve will bring the strongest most driven and resilient humans to their knees. 

The best thing about understanding my own patterns.

I am aware enough to stop the cycle. Before it really gets me down.

My first step has been to reassess my targets.

This isn’t me lowering my standards, this is me bringing the steps closer together. 

1000s of little wins are much more beneficial than 10 big failures.

My second step, revisiting my mantra.

For the last 6 months, it’s been the following. 

Show up, smile and make a difference.

I’m subbing that out for the following two words

Transcend yesterday. 

It’s simple. But it should keep me on track to set myself up to succeed. Little by little. Day by day. 

These two words won’t change me, but they will remind me why I want to improve.  

Mantras dont do the work for you, but they sure do help. 

What’s your mantra?