Time: Protect or lose

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How well do you protect your time? Are you making the most of every minute? Is day filled with intent, or are you just floating through? 

These are three questions I try to ask myself weekly

In each of those weeks, we are gifted 168 hours. 168 hours which we can utilise or squander. The “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t hold water….Think of the most successful person you know … they too receive 168 hours.  

What you do/ dont do in that time will determine the quality of your life. Including your health, your relationships, your finances, and about every single quantifiable part of your life.  

My point…

What you don’t do, is more important than what you do. Protecting your time should be one of your most important priorities Have you gotten to Wednesday or Thursday arvo and wondered why you haven’t achieved anything? Have you wondered where the days have gone? 

I know I sure have

These are the weeks when I dont protect my time. I let low priority distractions pull me away from my high priority actions. The best way to protect your time….Its to look at your calendar at the start of the week

Fill in all of the most important things. For me, the following 5 things need to start becoming priorities. 

1. KP Time
2. Training/Movement
3. Meditation/Reading
4. Eating and Hydrating
5. Friends + Family Social Time (Coffee)

All of the things that will fill my cup. All of the work and ‘extras’ come next. If I dont look after 1-5, 6-10 won’t matter. 

What are your 5 things?