Highs and lows.

We all have them, yet we don’t act like it. 

When things aren’t going well. 

We put on a charade, making it seem as though things are ok, that we are doing ‘fine’. 

When things are going well

We keep the lid on, out of fear of seeming arrogant or egotistical. 

There is an entire spectrum of emotions. 

As a society, I believe we need to allow ourselves to genuinely feel these emotions. 

When we win. Fucking celebrate. 

When we lose. Be disappointed. 

When we are somewhere in the middle. Be neutral. 

Just BE. 

It’s good for you. 

Life will throw highs and lows at you and everything in between. 

Emotional intelligence + pain + reflection is a recipe for divine existence. 

Be amazing.


(Below) I featured on a podcast last week, it was fun. 

This was a win, and I’m fucking celebrating
Good from me. Pats on the back. Good from you if you have the time to listen.  
You’ll find the episode link here

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