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Virtus Daily Blog #40 – Understanding the Comparison Trap

Life is too short to sit there, and worry about what other people think, say and do.

Life is also too short to wonder about how it could be better, without taking action.

I could spend all day thinking about why I don’t have the life of Kim Kardashian. Or, I could, just accept the life I have. Furthermore, understanding that the life I have is because of the choices and decisions that I make.

Social media can be one of the biggest blames for comparing. It is so easy to click onto Instagram, and scroll through photos of Bora Bora or a skinny girl in a bikini. Once we see these images, thoughts come racing into our heads such as, “wow I wish I was there” or “this sucks, why can’t my body look like hers”.

And before you know it, the thoughts that cycle in our head are stuck in this comparative world. Once we are in this comparative world, minutes and hours are taken away from the actual world we live in.

Take action on the things you are comparing yourself too.
Comparing yourself to someone skinny? Exercise, calorie deficit, healthy living etc.
Comparing yourself to someone with muscle? Lift weights, consume protein etc.
Comparing yourself to someone wealthy? Work, grow, develop, network etc.
Even though the answer is much more complex than those few words, it can be simple if you create confidence in what you already have. Confidence is vital if you want to take action and stop comparing yourself to others.

Struggling with being in a comparison trap?

Feb+19 0274

  1. Learn how to be more confident

  2. Don’t let thoughts consume you

  3. Be grateful for what you have and the body you live in

  4. Look at your phone less

  5. Use social media as empowerment and motivation

  6. Unfollow accounts that promote your thoughts of negative comparison

  7. Follow accounts that interest you and promote inspiration

  8. Involve gratitude and self love daily

  9. Meditation, mindfulness and breathing

  10. Realise that you’re not perfect, and no one is