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Virtus Daily Blog #34 – You have more than you need

Let’s kick off this blog with a Ray Dalio quote. If you haven’t read Principles. Do it. Its my #1 Book & the most influential to my growth. If you’re not a reader, it’s your lucky day, there is a Principles video series on youtube.

” You can have anything you want, but you cant have everything you want.

You can have much more in life than you need to be happy.

Make your choice and get on with it.”

Ray Dalio

This quote sums up my feelings about the world today. We have plenty. Much more than we need, unfortunately, we also have plenty of decision paralysis. Studies are showing rising levels of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. We see others with more, and think less of ourselves, it’s a tough place to be.

I think that the world would be a much happier place if we are more intentional around what we do. And more aware of what we want. Rather than spending 10 years thinking about what may make us happy, just have a crack and see what happens. If you realise that new job isn’t the cure to your frustrations, try something else.

The most important part, is actually making the choice. Whether you’re right or wrong doesn’t matter much, as it will get you out of your head and into some action.

Action. Action. Action. Take it, it won’t happen by itself.

The quickest route to satisfaction is actually appreciating what you already have.

If you’re still reading, I want you to grab a piece of paper and write the following sentence.

I am grateful for;

Follow this with a page full of all of the things you’re grateful for. You’ll soon realise that you have much more than you need, and you’re too caught up in what you don’t have to be happy.

Shift your focus. Appreciate the little things. And for f**k sake make a decision.

Love always


P.S. Below is something I wanted to do. So I took action. In less than 2 weeks it’ll be a thing.

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