Let my Hindsight be your Foresight

I want you to do something before you dive into the following pile of words.

Stop for a minute, and think about the last 5 years. The big events. The wins. The losses. The in between.

…. I believe that we will always underestimate how far we have come and how many wins we have had. We focus on the losses and the failures instead. This is a great tool for reflection. Only if you learn from the mistakes you’ve made, and do your utmost to ensure you don’t repeat them over and over.

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When we look back at the past, our mistakes are highlighted, and underlined with a big red asterisk on them. We tend to remember the times we f**ked over the times we succeeded (or at least i do)

My usual responses tend to be along the lines of: ‘that never should have happened’ ‘what was i thinking?’ ‘I can’t believe I did/didn’t do that’

What I know, but need to be reminded of; Is that it did happen. I probably wasn’t thinking and even I should believe that I’m stupid enough do silly things.

Fortunately, each mistake is an opportunity to learn. Each one gives us an increased capacity to grow, and I assume, opens the door to allow us to make bigger mistakes along the way.

When we understand that mistakes = learning. We can shift the negative self talk across to a more positive outlook on the bigger problems of our lives.

We are all human, we all make mistakes. Everyone you have ever met, especially those who we deem as successful, have made more mistakes than they could count.

I’ve spent the last few weeks beating myself up for a few things I didn’t do when we opened the business, things that are coming back to bite me now. I have no control over it now, but it doesn’t make it any easier to face or deal with.

These are things I could have potentially avoided, If I’d asked for more help in a few areas.

This is a hard thing to realise back then of course. Hindsight as we know is 20:20. But If i’d asked the right person for help, I could have been saved time and the money and the frustrations.

We don’t know what we don’t know. However, I know I but there is a part of me rueing not asking more questions.

Why make the same mistakes others have made all over again? Wouldn’t it be preferable to learn from them how to potentially avoid it?

Of course it bloody would.

Let’s push past the business example, and have a look at different areas of your life where you could ask for help, learn from someone who has been there before, and save yourself potentially years of trial and error.

Seek out the people doing good things. Those achieving the feats you look at in awe. Ask them for help. If there is someone in the position you want, they will have insight that will help you get to where you want to be.

By all means make your own mistakes. But when possible, let others hindsight be your foresight.

Maybe I’ve been through something you’re going through. Or can point you in the direction of someone who has. If I could change anything, I’d still make the same mistakes, only faster.

We are all just doing our best, and (almost) everyone will help if you ask.

Be kind to yourself.

Lean on others. You’re not in this alone.