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Virtus Daily Blog #15 – Positive Pressure 2.0

For some strange reason the Virtus Family have given me the keys to the daily blog.

Recently some guy we may all know wrote about positive pressure on a weekly wrap that clogs my inbox frequently, instead of being clogged I decided It was time to roll my sleeves up, grab my plunger and produce some ramblings (word vomit) of my own.

Hands up if you ever used to leave your homework, university assignments and or household duties to the night/hours/minutes/seconds before they were due to be completed. ????????‍♂️; I still even do it now even though I tell my students they shouldn’t.

There has been many instances to my detriment that I have applied this principle to both my student and professional life, after each and every instance I have told myself I will become more organised and make sure I am on top of things.

Let’s look at my track record with my report writing over the last 10 years of being a professional, there hasn’t been an instance in my ten years where I haven’t been completing my reports the nights before they were due.

It is now at a point where I intentionally create pressure to ensure I perform tasks required of me at work, I regularly bet my students of when I will get their work back to them. I set myself a deadline and bet them a baked treat that I will have their work back to them. Most times I win, but as we know life gets in the way and Jess (my lovely girlfriend) has had to bake a class set of cookies / muffins to take to school the next day.

The human body is a glorious beast, it is unfathomable to what I have put my brain and body through in my 31.5 laps of the sun. There is something about backing your self into a corner and seeing what you can produce when your back is up against the wall.

For me a great sense of motivation comes from proving the naysayers wrong, there is nothing better then achieving a task when someone said it would be impossible.

So aim high, back yourself into that corner, you never know where you might end up!

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