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Virtus Family Member Spotlight: March

We want to celebrate the little wins.

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Our member spotlight will celebrate the success and progress of one superstar from the Virtus Family each month. These answers will be featured on the Virtus Blog each month. Giving you a virtual pat on the back from the entire Virtus Family. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll also receive an actual pat on the back from a Virtus Team Member of your choosing.


Nick Gasparini

First of all, congratulations, bravo, any words for the camera?

Thrilled to be here! Thank you for choosing me!

How has your decision to join Virtus improved your life?

Virtus has made going to the gym enjoyable. I have met so many incredible people since joining, and it is this valuable support network that keeps me coming back. I strongly believe I have become more confident in the gym as a result!

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What do you enjoy most about your training at Virtus?

The awesome team (both Virtus staff and other members alike!). Both push me to do my best, and keep me accountable for my goals that I want to achieve. Not to mention bearing witness to the constant banter that is common in VGT.

What are the habits that you have adopted since joining Virtus?

That working out is much more than lifting heavy things or running long distances. Virtus has shown me the importance of mobes and breathing that these contribute to a more holistic training regime.

What helps keep you on track with your goals?

Making sure that I am fully aware of my goals – this can be as simple as writing them down and pinning them above my desk. Friends and family frequently ask me how I am tracking with my goals that I have mentioned to them – so I’ve found that talking through your goals with others close to you is a great way to remain accountable!

What is one thing you have learnt since joining Virtus that has changed your life?

That surrounding yourself with an amazing community who will support you in whatever way they can will make achieving your goals that little bit easier.

What was your first impression of Virtus Performance?

It’s a cult (loljks). In all seriousness, the moment I walked through that roller door I was welcomed with such genuine enthusiasm and then suddenly realised that Virtus is far from your conventional gym; it’s a community of like-minded people who want you to do your very best!

What are you most excited about achieving in the next few months?

Commencing my new career that has been several months (if not years) in the making!

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What advice would you have for someone thinking of joining the Virtus Family?

Say no more…

Any extra comments/jokes/memes or quotes?

I would like everyone to know that I beat Wallace in a monthly challenge #soznotsoz #humblebrag