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Virtus Family Member Spotlight: May

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We want to celebrate the little wins.

Our member spotlight will celebrate the success and progress of one superstar from the Virtus Family each month. These answers will be featured on the Virtus Blog each month. Giving you a virtual pat on the back from the entire Virtus Family. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll also receive an actual pat on the back from a Virtus Team Member of your choosing.


Briony Johnson

First of all, congratulations, bravo!

How has your decision to join Virtus improved your life?

Not only has Virtus helped me to move better physically, it has more so become a place where i have gained some special relationships, a gym thats a home.

What do you enjoy most about your training at Virtus?

Because you feel as though you matter, they take care of you, become invested not only in your training but your life outside the gym. I really enjoy being at Virtus because i know i can come in and expect to laugh, sweat and feel as though i have accomplished something good for myself in just a sort hour. It’s the whole package.

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What are the habits that you have adopted since joining Virtus?

To keep trying to be better version of myself, and i don’t just mean doing 61 squats. Being at Virtus has taught me how to focus on the small things as well, not just doing an exercise “well” or exhausting myself every session, but instead adapting to moving with quality and intention. Its helped me learn listen to myself and my body, a lesson in which i really needed.

What helps keep you on track with your goals?

Writing them down. Ticking off the minor weekly goals, staying motivated to show up, but also having that support from the regular faces you get to see in the gym each day, they all play a huge role in keeping me moving forward.

What is one thing you have learnt since joining Virtus that has changed your life?

That a gym is never just a gym, or never should be. Ive been a member of one ever since i was old enough, but since coming to Virtus i haven’t stepped foot into a commercial gym, and probably never will. I learnt that training or exercising shouldn’t be a thing i have to do each day, but instead something that i really want to do everyday because it makes me feel awesome, and when i used to go to the local “Goodlife” i went because i thought i had to or should. Thats different now and, its definitely changed my life.

What was your first impression of Virtus Performance?

Mmmm, This place is a cult! No but seriously, one you want to be apart of because the people who work and train there are the sort of people you want in your life. It was more the passion for the job that i remember being super impressed with, the love and dedication that the coaches had for training their clients.

What are you most excited about achieving in the next few months?

I am extremely excited about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and testing my strength and fitness before heading back into another winter in the snow. I have been working really hard to gain what feels like some proper strength back for myself and i cant wait to see how that hard work has paid off when i return.

What advice would you have for someone thinking of joining the Virtus Family?

Step outside the normality. This isn’t just a Gym, but an extended family, and a place where you will actually want to come to.

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Any extra comments/jokes/memes or quotes?

Does this make me the better Johnson?