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Virtus Daily Blog #2 – Are you happy?

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Are you happy?

This is one of those incredibly simple yet complex questions which can completely stop you in your tracks.

My favourite definition of happiness is as follows “Happiness is not having the things you want, but wanting the things that you already have”

Here’s a little task for you. Take a moment to think about the things you expect from your life. What do you think you deserve?

Then write a list of 3-4 things you’re grateful for. Affirmations of what/who you appreciate in your life.

Happiness is multi faceted and this is a simple view, but one that maybe shouldn’t be dismissed.

Compare your two lists. Expectations vs Gratitude. I’d bet that if most of your focus is spent on fostering and cultivating your list of gratitude, you’d be a pretty happy person. If you spent you’re time dwelling on your expectations, you’d feel unfulfilled and anxious.

The way I see it, we have much more than we need to be happy. Anyone that’s travelled to lower socio economic areas of the world, would have experienced people living with significantly less than we have. However, my experiences have shown that perceived happiness levels tend to increase in these areas. A sense of purpose, family, tribe and connection are all incredibly clear to see.

The most important things in life are invisible. All we have to do is try to see them.

Have a wonderful day.