Sept18 1074

Virtus Daily Blog #3 – How can we move the needle?

Sept+18 1074

How do we move the needle and take steps to become the best version of ourselves? How can we make the changes required to move in our desired direction?

Often we have a vision of what we want or who we want to be. We spend time crafting the perfect idea of what it is that we desire, yet we are unaware of what we need to do to make it a reality.

There is a process that we must follow before we can begin to take action. And it begins with awareness. Awareness of what our current state looks like and our current capability.

This is gained simply by asking questions of ourselves,

“What do I want? Why do I want it?”

Followed closely by, “Is this what I really want..?”

Once we can answer these questions (and have dug a little deeper), we can begin to gain a better understanding of our current state and we can build this awareness.

From here we can formulate realistic, actionable steps to move us forward. The next question to ask is,

“What is the easiest thing that I can do that will make the biggest change to my current state?”

In other words, what is the low hanging fruit that we can pick straight away. This could be something as simple as taking one deep intentional breath if you are feeling stressed or getting to sleep before 10pm.

This is how we move the needle. Asking questions of ourselves, followed by consistently performing simple actions that serve us.

Cheers to you, and your growth.

Coop [@simoncoooper]

(Aka. the Big Slice)