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Virtus Daily Blog #23 – Peak Performance Pt1: Control

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This is Part 1 of a 2-part article.

Control is something that we often seek. We want it because it reassures us that whatever we are pursuing we have full power over the result. We are in the drivers seat, and we can go in whichever direction we choose.

But I’m afraid that I’m going to have to shatter that illusion.

Unfortunately, there are things outside of our control. There are always going to be variables that we have no influence over.

An easy example is the weather. I have no power to choose whether it is going to be sunny or rainy today. It might be overcast, it might be humid, or it might be the warmest day on record.

Yet, there are still things that are within my ability to control.

Instead of stressing over what its doing outside, I am going to make a decision to put my energy into the things that are within my control. I will wear shorts, instead of trousers. I’ll bring a rain jacket with me, or an umbrella.

Whichever decision I make, it will not have an impact on the weather. So why should I worry about it?

You can apply this principle to anything. Weight loss, business, training goals… It’s all the same.

Put your energy and your effort into things that you can control.

Side note: I am not saying this is an excuse not to take ownership over certain situations or the result. Or to ignore things that don’t go your way.

Often things are very much in your control. This is a question of where to apply the most pressure to obtain a favourable outcome.

I’ll give you a hint on where to apply the pressure… But you’ll have to tune in to Part 2.

Simon Cooper