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Virtus Daily Blog #6 – Two opposing beliefs

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To be a self transforming individual, that being someone who can observe without judgement. Detach from the result, and accept that the truth is more important than being right.

You must be able to consciously hold two opposing truths simultaneously without feeling like your head is about to explode.

Now this is a hard thing to do. Especially for those of us with structured belief systems, deep seated values and personal preferences with more layers than an onion. (or an ogre)

It’s hard, yes. But that’s not an excuse for us to avoid this development. We owe it to ourselves and those who we serve to be able evolve our consciousness.

Here is a list of opposing truths which I currently hold. If you think I’m full of shit, tell me, because I agree, I’m biased individual.

  1. Faith in a higher power is batshit crazy vs Faith is an important belief which empowers individuals to live a more meaningful existence.

  2. Free will does not exist vs I’m completely in control of my life.

  3. The fitness industry is being violated by narcissistic individuals and organisations vs Everyone is just doing their best. With what they’ve got. In the ways that they know how.

  4. We are 0% responsible for others actions vs We can hold space for others to grow and learn and experience.

  5. What we do at Virtus is the best possible way to make people better vs In 2 years I’ll look back at what we are doing now and laugh at how ignorant we are.

  6. Social media is the devil vs We have the ability to connect, interact and learn from the majority of the world.

  7. I need to put others needs before my own vs I can’t pour from an empty cup, I must serve myself before others.

  8. I’m an incredibly flawed human being vs Im doing my best.

  9. Gourmet Pizza is a rouse, less ingredients, double the price vs it’s delicious …

  10. I have fixed mindset traits vs I have growth mindset traits

  11. I am content with who I am vs I am seeking adaptation and developmental growth.

  12. The world is incredibly fucked up vs We are living in the most wonderful time of human history. We are incredibly lucky.

  13. Your beliefs are the keys to your happiness vs Your beliefs are the keys to misery.

  14. We all have an inherent talent towards different skills and disciplines vs Our success in anything has more to do with hard work, effort and adaptation than it has to do with talent.

  15. Everything will always work out vs You need to take action to ensure things work out.

I’m sure there are plenty more.

What opposing beliefs (if any) do you hold?