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Virtus Daily Blog #9 – Transcend and Include

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One of the most important concepts in our development is to transcend and include. This was introduced to me by Logan Gelbeich [@functionalcoach] at his Hold the Standard Summit (Sydney 2019).

As we continue to evolve, we transcend our former self. We adapt to the challenges that we expose ourself to. We then grow into a version of ourself that has a greater capacity to deal with the challenges we face.

However, as we move to the next stage of our evolution, we can’t leave behind our former self. We are not working from a clean slate. We have the knowledge of our past experiences, lessons and failures that have shaped us into who we are today. We cannot, and should not, ignore this.

We need these previous versions of ourselves to continue teaching and informing us. And sometimes we need to learn the same lesson twice.

It gives us perspective of where we have been and awareness of where we are now. From awareness we can begin inquiring into what we don’t know.

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