Virtus Daily Blog #11 – The Worry Box

I want to introduce you to a concept. It’s called the Worry Box. We are all human, which means we all have our doubts, fears, frustrations and worries. We all struggle, that’s universal. What we tend to do with these struggles, is to hide them away. Ignore them. Pretend they don’t exist. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to inaction. Our fears paralyse us into submission. We are quite literally frozen in fear.

Cue the Worry Box.

Most of our fears are a lot less scary when we do two things. Identify them and face them

We can call their bluff, unmask the monster. Much like in Scooby Doo, the monsters aren’t real. They are simply just a guy/girl in a mask, wreaking havoc because of the perceived fear they cause. Once the monster is unmasked, the fear they incite disappears.


Fortunately, you’re in control. You can unmask this fear and expose it for what it really is, a roadblock in your way. I have a little exercise for you. Grab a piece of paper, or jump on your notes in you phone or laptop, and write down a list of your fears, call it your worry box.

What things are impacting your ability to share your gift with the world? To help out, below I have included mine. This was a tough list to compile. I definitely need to go deeper, but this is a start.

  • Making the wrong decisions when so much is at stake.

  • Being the leader of a rudderless ship, not leading us in the right direction

  • A lack of growth and progress

  • Upsetting others

  • Not providing enough support for my team, friends, clients and family

  • Not creating enough change, not impacting how I want to.

  • Thinking and dreaming too small

  • Never reaching my potential

  • Over committing to things that won’t help us move forward

  • Not being respected/appreciated/liked

  • Going backwards

  • Not being an effective leader

  • Leaning on my abilities rather than working hard

  • Losing what I’ve put time, energy, blood, sweat and tears into

Our evolution comes when we break down what we believe to be true. Our fears are the best place to start.

Cheers to you and your family