Virtus Daily Blog #8 – Play your guitar


I was introduced to this concept earlier this week during a conversation with a friend and mentor.

We were diving deep as we recorded Episode #84 for the Virtus Performance Podcast. (It’ll drop in a few weeks)

It came up after I posed a question about getting out of bed in the morning and why we should bother. Cue the guitar.

When we are in a state of deep learning, introspection, self awareness or self exploration, we are tuning our guitar. We are creating space to be the best, most refined version of ourselves* (*So Far)

When we are experiencing, collaborating, and making the most of every day, we are playing our guitar. We are finding different ways to share our gift to the world by jamming on our guitar.

Now, I don’t play the guitar, I’m not cool enough, but i do know people who do. Some of whom have had that guitar sitting in the corner of a room, ignoring it for years.

If you’re one of those people, either literally or metaphorically, it’s time to pick up your guitar, and play.

Play your guitar, every day. It’s a simple assessment of our capacity to make the most of our lives.

You should be saying YES to the things that set your soul on fire, the things that let you play.

You should be saying NO to the things that don’t fill you up, that don’t make you excited to jump out of bed in the morning.

At the end of each day, ask yourself.

Did I play my guitar today?

Play well.