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Virtus Daily Blog #30 – You are not rare

We live in a world where talented, skilled and attractive people are everywhere. Plenty of them are good at what they do, and most of those have a heightened sense of self importance.

If you’re good at your job. You’re not rare.

There are plenty of ‘good’ coaches. Plenty of ‘good’ teachers. Plenty of ‘good’ professionals in many different professions.

We need to stand up and accept that ‘Good’ isn’t good enough.

When we accept ‘good’ as the level we are striving for, then we are destined to be barely adequate, unmemorable, and unremarkable.

What a terrible place to end up.

I’ve been there, (I’m still unremarkable most of the time) and somedays I find myself sliding back down the hill, accepting mediocrity and succumbing to ‘the resistance’

Whenever this begins to happen, I make a concerted effort to stop and reassess why I’m doing the thing. And where I want to take that thing that I’m working on.

Sometimes that effort pays dividends, sometimes it doesn’t. But if I can ensure that the actions I am taking day to day are allowing me to continue to cultivate and evolve my true north. My reason for being on this earth. Then I can ensure that good becomes great and that great becomes world class.

I know what I say and write doesn’t mean much if I don’t shift the gears and turn these thoughts ideas into actions.

“The cowards never started, and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.” //Phil Knight

I want to be rare.

I want you to be rare too.


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