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Virtus Blog #39 – Celebrate The Wins

“SIlent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone”

G.B Stern.

It’s time to take a stand against the negativity that plagues certain parts of our society.

Those parts (and people) who are happy when others fail. Those that laugh and gossip about failed dreams.

Dreams that those same people wouldn’t have the fortitude to chase themselves.

These insecure, non contributing individuals.

Most of us would know it as tall poppy syndrome.


Tall poppy syndrome can f**k right off.

It is time to flip the narrative.

It is time to get around the people doing good things.

Things that will make the world (and yours) a better place to live.

Let’s celebrate the wins, and be there for support and a hand up when others fail.

Let’s build others up. Support their most worthy ambitions. Those having a crack, and being vulnerable enough to say that then want to improve their life and the lives of others. It is the most worthy ideal.

We must not dim the fire within these people. Contributors who are actually making a difference.

Get around your mates, remind them that they are killing it and be part of the shift towards supporting good people rather than knocking them down.

To the complainers, the non contributors, do something about it.


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