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In Pursuit

I think often about fulfilment. Mine mostly, but I look at others and wonder about theirs.

I’ve spoken about purpose, values, development and challenge. All of these things lead us toward fulfilment. 

Being unfulfilled is one of the great tragedies of life. In this modern world, with all of the expectations, we at times have the weight of the universe on our shoulders,  

This expectation can impede our ability to seek out fulfilment. 

Am I fulfilled? Am I taking enough risks? Or am I playing small because it’s comfortable? Am I utilising my time, working on high priority actions? Or am I filling my days with low priority distractions? Who am I? Why are we here? Who am I becoming?

The answers to these questions, like life, are fluid. I can feel the ebb and flow between the ‘Yes I’m living my best life’ and the ‘No, I need to sort my shit out and get my life together, think bigger and have more of a crack’ 

There is no right answer, just a ‘close enough for now’ completely dependent on a million variables. Day, Time, Weather, Mood, Recent coffee consumption etc. It is dependent on both the long and short term mindset. 

Do I know where I’m headed? What I’m doing? and What I need to do daily to get there? Am I enjoying every day and doing the things I want to do? 

If I can at least work on getting close to a yes to these questions, that fulfilment isn’t far off. 

Living a fulfilling life does not come cheap or easy. It comes with responsibility. We must show up (daily), we must conquer our resistance, we must take action, we must be in pursuit of something more. 

A rich, curious, difficult pursuit. 

What are you In Pursuit of? I’d love to hear about it. 


Below: An idiot feeling fulfilled. Facing the sun, surrounded by incredible people.

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