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Have you had ‘One of those Weeks’?

It’s been one of those weeks. Everybody seems to be struggling with something. It may be the weather, the dark mornings, the full moon, the alignment of your chakras or, it could just be that all of us go through things that knock us around, and go through them often, sometimes multiple things at a time.

When we realise this, that we are not alone in our pain, we are able to take a breath and support those around us. I wrote a few words about this on our Virtus Family facebook group. If you’re not in the group or haven’t given it a read, do so. If you have, read it again or potentially pass it on to someone you think may need it.

Complaining, wallowing in self pity, blaming others, and becoming upset will not get you where you want to go. Supporting those around you, focusing on the good and on taking action will help you move in the right direction.

“After a few conversations with the Virtus Family this week I’d like to have a little chat about progress/stagnation/frustrations.

We talk about the ‘Perfect’ week quite often. That 168 hour period where you hit 8 hours sleep each night, hydrate with +3L per day, eat 3 decent meals, hit your target number of training sessions, you’re in flow at work, you don’t forget your mobes, you meditate/journal every day, have no pain, spend time with your friends and family etc.

The perfect week is a unicorn. Very rarely (if ever) will we achieve it. When we miss our target, which we inevitably will, it’s not the end of the world. Merely a chance to learn, reassess, tweak and have another crack at doing our best.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) ‘Life happens’ and the above become more difficult to achieve. Events such as getting a new job, you move house, you have a kid, a family member gets sick, you are in the ‘go’ phase at work or you’re building a business, you get sore or sick or life just throws the kitchen sink at you.

If you’re honest with yourself when ‘life is happening’ your ability to show up and complete your ‘perfect week’ is going to be limited.


Life happens more often than we realise. There is almost always something going on to pull us off track and away from our ‘ideal week’.

To be honest, most of the time the above are more important than your exercise. But your health will help cultivate energy to ride the bumps and execute on the things you need to do.

Sleep, Water, Food, Movement, YOU time is imperative.

Everything adds up, do the little things to help you gain momentum (especially) when life is happening.

To make the most of your movement when things are crazy, our eyes need to be on the long game. Good shit takes time, remember that. These habits need to be sustainable. 
Ease back into the gym slowly, add frequency, build up your volume and intensity bit by bit, focus on the micro (it’ll lead to your macro) and stop trying to do everything at once.

I guess the point of this post is that whatever you’ve got going on, good or bad, you’re not alone. There’s a whole community of humans who are here for you (and going through similar shit).

Humans who will help you inside and outside of the gym.

All you have to do is ask ”

Purpose, fulfillment, commitment, meaning and achievement are all big words with their own connotations.

The path to these begins with showing up. For mine, showing up is better together. If you want to go far, we need to lean on each other.


Rye+Surfing+Jan+18 3908