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Energy & Values

One of the first exercises we complete with a new Virtus Family member during their 3 session induction is what we call the ‘ Holistic Wellness Scale ‘ 10 Areas of their health and wellbeing that they can rate on a scale from 1-10. It’s subjective, but it’s a start. These areas are: Movement, Food & Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep Quality, Sleep Quantity, Relaxation, Stress, Relationships, Time Management and Energy Levels

The last dot point on this scale is Energy Levels. 

It’s at the bottom for a reason, because poor energy levels are usually a by-product of the other 9 areas. 

But I realised something during the week, I was wrong. (That’s not new, I am often wrong) well, at least I was half wrong. 
I was looking at one side of the energy coin. 

We get our energy from inputs such as our nutrition and hydration. But for those of you lucky enough to be filled with boundless energy, you’ll probably be able to agree that most of your energy comes from doing things that you truly love to do. It stems from living your highest values. Not from doing things that you ‘should do’ but really don’t want to. 

Think back to the last time you had boundless energy. Were you doing or had you just finished with an activity that truly sets your soul on fire? I’m guessing your answer is yes. We get our energy from acting out our highest values. Its when we feel truly alive. 

We should all know our values. The things that make us want to jump out of bed in the morning. The things that make up our True North. Our Purpose. Our Dharma. Our fuel. 

My highest values are as follows

Let’s dive into an example.  

I have been really struggling to find my training groove lately. 
I have realised this week that it because it does not currently match up with any of my highest values. 
Therefore I feel as though I should be doing it and it saps me of energy, rather than the alternative. 
My challenge is to link it up with one of these values. 
The easy answer – Connection. If I can find training buddies / The VGT crew / Footy Teammates, then I’ll be much more likely to get excited about it and make it happen. 

Alternatively, each time this week I’ve been bursting with energy, I’ve been incredibly mindful as to why. What have I been doing, what have I been talking about or working on. 
The shortlist is as follows: Talking about purpose and growth, teaching students, On Coaching calls, getting home early enough to have some KP time, recording podcasts, talking shit over coffee or gin, talking about coffee or gin, reading, writing or working on the business.

All of these things are giving me purpose, they match up to my values and help me fuel my day. Sure we need to eat, drink, sleep and hydrate. But when we can create energy from within and live our True North in the meantime. 

Life doesn’t get much better. 

Here’s the deal, I’m running a seminar on Values at the end of March ( Monday 25th ) If you’d like to take part and identify your energy creating values and actions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the details. 

p.s If you tell yourself you’re tired, and you repeat it over and over, you’ll be tired. Those self-fulfilling prophecy vibes (i wrote a thing. How you think will reflect on how you feel. 

To your energy


Below: Why do Coffee and Gin. give me energy (apart from the obvious)
Because it aligns with my highest value: Connection.  

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