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Virtus Blog #37- “I don’t have time”

We (I) will often use the following excuses with things we think we desire.

“ I don’t have time ” “I don’t know where to start” “I’m not good enough” “ I can’t afford it “

Yes you do, You start by talking 1 step, You are enough, You’ll find a way.

What we should be saying is that I don’t care enough about the chosen outcome to change my behaviour.

At least not yet. This puts us in the dangerous zone of wanting but not doing. Of intending but not acting.

One of the most perfect lines from Seth Godin is “I’d love to do that, but it’s not a priority.”

If you yearn to be and do more. Then excuses like “I don’t have time” and “ I can’t afford it” won’t get you where you need to go.

Time isn’t your roadblock. Money in’t one either. Your priority list needs a reshuffle.

If you really give a shit. If you really care about doing the thing. You’ll move past the excuses and begin doing.

If you don’t care enough, you won’t.

Either way, it’s up to you.

Face your fears, take action, and begin the process to achieving your most worthy ideals

If you need help starting, ask.


AJH NB 20170113 017 001 0004 JCAM03