Make the right decisions

It is human nature to do what is easy. 

To sleep in instead of getting up early to meditate or train. 

To eat quick and easy take away rather than meal prepping at the start of the week. 

To watch Netflix instead of doing the work you need to do.

To drink litres of coffee or energy drinks rather than getting your eight hours sleep.

To leave the shower nice and warm rather than embracing the chill of a cold one.

To ignore confrontational conversations, instead of discussing what is wrong and how you feel.

All of these situations involve a choice. 

And that choice is a simple one. Hard choice vs Easy choice.

Just like water flowing down a hill, give us the opportunity and we will find the path of least resistance. It’s in our nature.

Like it or not, we all want a quick fix. The instant gratification, the quick cash, the immediate solution, the hail mary. 

There is a difference between being aware of this innate desire, and succumbing to it. 

That difference will ultimately determine our self-worth, happiness, and level of satisfaction.

Our life can be whatever we want it to be. But for that freedom, we need to pay a price. 

That price is determined by the life you want to live, and what you’re willing to sacrifice for it. 

Nothing in this world comes easy or free. You must give before you can take.

“Hard Decisions, Easy life.

Easy Decisions, Hard Life”

(Jerzy Gregorek)

The powerful simplicity of this quote haunts me.

Most of the time we know the right answer, what is lacking is the action we must take.

My task for you, next time you have a choice, ask yourself, which one would future me thank me for? 

Decide, and move on. 

Make the right decisions.


Below: Me with my mate Cam before Virtus had doors, or barbells.

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