When your eyes are tired, the whole world looks tired

“When your eyes are tired, the whole world looks tired” David Whyte

Perception is everything. How we perceive the world around us ultimately determines what we do, how we feel, and who we are. 

If we are happy and upbeat, the world seems brighter, people smile longer, and the difficult things don’t seem as tough. 

If we are tired, stressed, grumpy and overworked, the world doesn’t seem as bright, we are confronted with frowns and every little issue can be blown out of proportion.

These observations might not be accidents.

I’ve always resonated with the saying ‘If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” 

Some days, you’ll be the asshole. 

We all have the capacity to be a miserable, grumpy, frustrated individual – aka the asshole. 

Life happens.

To all of us, all of the time. It’s hard, and usually, it doesn’t play out like the story you told yourself. 

But this does not mean you are an asshole. You are more than your thoughts, you are more than your beliefs, and you are more than you’re actions… to a point. 

Noone wants to be the asshole, but we are creatures of habit, and if ignore how we feel and the impact we have on those around us, we will ultimately become the asshole. 

Ignoring is the key word, and awareness comes next. A simple awareness play can change our whole outlook on life. All it can take is one long deep breath, and if that doesn’t work, ask yourself these 4 questions. 

How am I feeling? | Why am I feeling this way | What can I do about it? | What am I grateful for?

If you truly understand yourself and your flaws and love yourself anyway, you can quickly accept that everybody around you. 

There is more to the game than what you’re seeing. Like ogres and onions, there are layers to this, and an innate understanding of our own asshole tendencies can bring upon both an empathetic awareness for those around us, and self love and care to appreciate who we are, not who we are not. 

The next time you run into a bunch of assholes throughout the day, find yourself some time, fill your cup, and ask yourself those four questions. 

If someone else is the asshole, be cool, be kind and show them some love. They probably need it.


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