Take the pebble out of your shoe

Happy Friday you wonderful humans.

[Virtus Performance, Mornington]

“Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.” // Muhammad Ali

This is my yearly ‘fill your cup’ musings. Let’s call it a check-in to see if you’re looking after yourself and if you’re not, to remind you that it’s important. You have a finite amount of energy, and if you’re directing it all outwards, into work or others, eventually you’ll come up empty. When that happens, you’re no use to anyone. (Says the guy who has spent all week in bed sick) Yeah, the man flu got me good.

It’s the middle of winter, its cold, the days are short, and many of us are just getting by. This is the perfect time of year, if there is one, to check in on your energy balance to ensure you’re putting in as much as you’re putting out. At Virtus, we use the Holistic Wellness scale to take a snapshot at 10 different aspects of your life, to (albeit subjectively) assess where you’re doing well, and where there is room for improvement.

The 10 areas are as follows.
Training & Movement
Food & Nutrition
Sleep Quality
Sleep Quantity
Working In
Time Management
Energy levels

Give yourself a rating /10 for each of the above. 10 being perfect, 1 being rubbish anything under a 7, spend some time formulating a plan to improve it.

Taking some time to go inwards and see what you need, is a sure fire way to getting you where you need to be. The journey is long, you will stumble, just know that when you need it, there are people around you to help you on your way.

Before you embark on your journey today, take that pebble out of your shoe.


” “You must be prepared to work always without applause.”
// Ernest Hemingway //