Willingness to change

Last Sunday, Simon Cooper hosted a workshop at Virtus called The Power of Change. He took 20 courageous humans on a two-hour deep dive into fear and the mechanisms of change. I (along with the rest of the group) left with some powerful information and an important reminder of the opportunities and responsibility we all have to create the life we want to live.

The paradox of change fascinates me. We are inherently resistant to change, however, in order to grow and expand our current capabilities, change must take place. If you’re anything like me, you have an innate desire to develop, to transform and transcend your current capabilities. But, we must understand change is hard.

In the days following Coop’s workshop, I spent some time thinking about change, and why some of us are able to make important changes to our behaviour, our mindset and beliefs whilst some of us are seemingly incapable. As a coach, my job is to empower others to change, to move the needle, to perform and create the life they want to live. Virtus exists to foster and embody the positive change we are searching for, and understanding the mechanisms of this is potentially more important than we realise.

After some thought and about 15 coffees, I came up with three important words which I believe hold the key to eliciting positive change in ourselves and others.

Change begins with a willingness to change. For this to happen, you must be ready and willing to be uncomfortable. Adaptation is simple, apply the right amount of stress, allow sufficient rest or recovery to allow change to occur, repeat. But simple does not mean easy, change is hard, and if you are not willing, you are not likely to move the needle.

Our path must be shaped by our desires. As I’ve mentioned, change is no walk in the park. To overcome the arduous demands of change we must have a deep burning desire to guide us through the hard stuff. If you truly desire something and understand the why behind it, the shit you have to wade through to get there becomes bearable… and in a sadistic kind of way, almost enjoyable.

Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat and can be the very thing to drive us to change. The parent that stops smoking out of fear of missing out on their childrens lives. The man who embarks on a healthy lifestyle to reduce his risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (and the rest). Fear can be a powerful and healthy factor in change. The cost of inaction can be insurmountable, when we understand what we have to lose, words like motivation don’t seem so important. We must be inspired to change and fear can be a driving factor.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” Leo Tolstoy

If you’ve gotten this far, I have no doubt you have at least some desire to change. It’s not easy, but like anything worthwhile, it starts with small things. Make your bed, clean your teeth, make sure your world is in order before you criticise everybody else. Be the change you want to see in the world. Have the willingness to lead by example, pursue your desires and embrace fear as a tool to help you on your journey.

If nothing changes, nothing will change.

Be amazing.


Ps. the quote below could not be more spot on. Read it, underline it, highlight it and remember it.

PPS. Edited by Steph

PPPS Big congratulations to the great man Charlie Robbins who took out the Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final. What a result. Big pats on the back for all the hard work!

“All that you see out in front of you, is how you feel inside your head”

// Alan Watts //

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