If you want things to be better, make it so.

Happy Friday you wonderful humans.

[Virtus Performance, Mornington]

We live in an extraordinary time. A time with a growing capacity of unprecedented human connection. The capacity to form relationships with individuals and groups far exceeds that which has come before us.
When I hit send on this email, it will connect me with more humans with one click of a mouse than our ancestors could have hoped to meet in a lifetime.

The world is changing. There are no real kings or queens anymore. Oligarchs, Monarchs, Aristocrats and Dictators have no place in our future societies. The power that one dude (or dudette) has over millions of others is diminishing as the rumble of people power calls for change. Real issues are brewing and pockets of the world are beginning to stand up on mass to protest towards the changes that need to take place.

Just this week Iceland held a ‘funeral’ for the first glacier killed by climate change. (Plaque pictured below) Protestors again filled the centre of Hong Kong fighting for democracy and the Amazon rainforest is burning at an unprecedented rate. The time to take charge of our future is upon us.

The platform for a model of decentralised command, a platform for true democracy is the way forward to ensure the long term viability and prosperity of the human race. Our ability to connect, to come together and to force the hand of policymakers to make real change is the strongest it has been.

Real change takes courage. It takes a group of individuals to truly believe and commit to a movement to make real, lasting change and to move us forward into new eras. Take movements such as Abolitionism (anti-slavery), Women’s Rights and the Anti-Apartheid movement as examples to show the changes we can make when we fight for what is right.

We all in 2019 have the capacity to become a leader. To be a vessel for change. To create or join a movement, to facilitate the growth of a tribe, a group of people who share a belief system that things could be better.

A belief system which is powered by an ability to take action. Don’t be the guy or girl on the sidelines complaining about how it could be better. Be the one in the game, fighting to make it so.

We all want growth and connection. I implore you to find your tribe, to be a leader and build something that grows stronger with each passing day, to contribute to something bigger than yourself. You can create change.

“Great leaders are able to reflect the light on their teams, their tribes. Great leaders dont want attention, but they use it. They use it to unite the tribe and reinforce their sense of purpose” // Seth Godin

Be the leader.


a letter to the future

“It’s not about a career.

It’s about believing in something…

it’s about caring and empathizing and wanting to create the best,

the most true to life, the most real.”
// River Phoenix //