To add value

“Try not to become a person of success but a person of value” // Albert Einstein

I’ve been thinking this week about why I write this email. Each Friday I sit down at my desk or over a coffee and summarise my weekly musings into a message for the Virtus Family. This message isn’t usually clear until I hit send. Some weeks the words spill out in a matter of minutes, others I brood over, unable to find the right words to express how I feel. Today has been more of the latter.

There are many reasons why I choose to send this each week, but most come down to the quote at the top of the page. I want to become a person of value. To create and contribute. To become someone who adds joy, wisdom and connection to those around me. I believe I am someone who truly understands that the only real success is that shared with those around you. To add value to others is to add value to yourself.

If we can create a world where each of us is more interested in offering value to others, rather then taking value, then that is the kind of world I want to live in and the kind of world I want my future children to grow up in.

“The more I help out, the more successful I become. But I measure success in what it has done for the people around me. That is the real accolade” // Adam Grant

We are not alone in our suffering, nor are we alone in our success. If we understand this, truly, we can give all we are to those around us, and undoubtedly what we give will come back to us in spades.

Life is a positive-sum game. Someone does not need to fail for you to succeed. We are all looking to win, to be happy, to have success and to reach the end of our journey with as much fulfilment as possible.

Becoming a contributor and a creator has brought me significant joy. Every email I send, each blog I write, every podcast I record and each session I run at Virtus is an opportunity to add value to the Virtus Family. A group of people who all have the capacity to add immense value to each other, and the world around them.

My point is that you all have a voice. Someone can always benefit from your advice, wisdom and opinion. Share your experiences, your successes and triumphs with the world. The world needs you. To make an impact. To contribute. To help others grow and be more. You can be the person you needed when you were younger to someone who looks up to you. It’s a hell of an opportunity to pass up.

If your first thought in the morning is ‘How can I add value to those around me?’ I have no doubt that you’ll find fulfilment and happiness at levels unparalleled. That happiness and fulfilment is what we are all searching for. Let’s help each other find it.

At the end of the day, we need 3 things to be happy:
– Something to do
– Someone to love
– Something to look forward to.

If I can be a part of that for some of you, then I’m adding value.

Be amazing.