28 Things I (Think I) Know To Be True


Wallace’s Weekly Wrap

Happy Friday you wonderful humans.

Today is my 28th Birthday.

I’m going to carry on the tradition and write a birthday list, 28 Things I (think I) know to be true.

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I find it interesting that each year, as we get older, we tend to celebrate birthdays less and less. In reality, I think it should be the opposite. We have another opportunity to stop and appreciate all we have in our lives, to bookmark and celebrate a milestone. I’m stoked to be 28 and incredibly grateful for all of the people who have contributed to my development over the past 28 years. It’s been a hell of a ride and I can’t wait to continue it one magnificent day at a time.

1. Becoming a parent is all it’s cracked up to be. KP is a wonderful mum.

2. Sincerity, Kindness, Integrity, Love & Gumption. Are the big 5 personality traits I admire in others.

3. You can become the person you want to be, but you’ll have to prove it to yourself daily by doing the things that person would do.

4. Work and rest are synergistically linked

5. Before pressing go on your business ventures make sure it’ll bring ROI and JOY.

6. Daily Journalling = Life improving.

7. Solitude is independence. Use this superpower to navigate your way through the craziness of the attention grabbing culture we live in.  

8. Simplicity is an art form.  

9. Most of life’s problems aren’t technical. We know what we need to do, we just decide not to do it. Make the harder choice, change your story.  Do the thing.

10. Before you start something. Know what winning looks like.

11. Do hard things. Sign up for the marathon, start the business, commit to your thing. Then figure out how to execute.

12. All great questions in life are paradoxes.

13. Apple, Samsung, etc, get your shit together and create universal cables. The world does not need more adaptors.  

14. You can both be dissatisfied with life, and love yourself. Improvement does not need to come from self loathing.

15. Leadership is hard.

16. Life is chaos, you’re responsible for building meaning and structure into it.  

17. Everything worth having is going to take much longer to acquire than you’d like it to.

18. Hit your 10000 steps per day. It’ll make you a better person.

19. Listening > Talking.Life is hard.

20. Know that bad things will happen, prepare for them, especially during the good times.   

21. Today is the best day of the week. This mindset will drastically improve your life, and how you approach each day.  

22. Never underestimate the benefits of a moment or two of quiet self reflection.  

23. Be reliable. Be consistent.  

24. You will never regret committing the time to understand how something works.  

25. Trust and Willingness are imperative for any group progress. 

26.  Find things in life that are a means within themselves.  

27. I am an incredibly biased individual. Actually, I think we all are.  

28 Lists are fun.

I appreciate you all. Thank you for your attention. Have a magnificent Friday.


Below: Our team photo with Rye man from last weeks Disabled Surfers Association event. An incredible day with wonderful people. Very humbling to be involved.

rye+man+surfing+20 4238

The older you get…the deeper the love you need
— Leonard Cohen