An Excellent Adventure

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Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to present to a corporate group who like many of us, have spent the bulk of 2020 working from home, disconnected from the world they’ve known their entire professional lives. This has undoubtedly been a hard slog, made more difficult by the ‘COVID Brain Fog’ slowly creeping in for many. Not to mention the days and weeks and months all melting into one indistinguishable block of time. 

The brief was simple; Provide healthy reminders of the (big & little) things that can help change our world for the better. 

Whether we are in the midst of a global pandemic, breakup, conflict at work, existential crisis, we all need proven frameworks to support our mental health and wellbeing. Not to mention to continue to grow our capacity to overcome the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw our way. 

When I look back at my life story, as I did when I was putting together this presentation I was drawn to the periods of my life where I had to overcome a significant amount of adversity. Periods of my life which at the time were filled with self-doubt, frustration, disappointment and despair, but now upon reflection were some of the best learning experiences of my life. 

To borrow from Sigmund Freud who said it more eloquently than I ever could 
“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”

That life story, which I have coined as ‘An Excellent Adventure’ has taught me some brilliant lessons, some in the ways of successes, but most poorly disguised as failures and unfortunate events. 

To me, an Excellent Adventure is this: ‘A remarkable experience, of the highest quality’
This is what I want for myself, for you all and for every human being on this earth. 

Our Excellent Adventures are not devoid of challenge and adversity, they are full of them. They are also full of lessons which allow us to appreciate what we have and grow our capacity to be able to cultivate the life we want to live. It sounds a little like 2020 in a nutshell…

On Thursday at 7:30 PM I will be presenting an abridged version of ‘An Excellent Adventure’ A conversation around creating frameworks to help us all extract a life that is worth living, regardless of the circumstances. 
I have learnt many lessons along the way, and I am excited to share them with you in this format. 

If 2020 has been a slog. if you’ve had to overcome daily challenges that have tested your resilience, your will and your fortitude. 

If you could benefit from healthy reminders of the (big & little) things that can help change our world for the better. 

If you want to create the space to use the COVID/2020 experience as a launchpad to building a brilliant life for yourself…

Please join me on Thursday Night.

I want to help you answer the most pertinent questions we can ask ourselves

Who do I want to be? & What path will I take?

All are welcome, there is no cost involved. Hit the button below to register!
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p.s If you think someone you love may benefit from this event, please forward them this email and invite them along. Anyone who invites 3+ people who attend this event can help themselves to a free piece of Virtus Merchandise when we get back into the gym! It’s just sitting there & needs to feel some human warmth!