A Moment In Time


It’s cliche, but a photo can really be worth a thousand words.

A single click with your phone or camera can capture a moment in time. A snapshot of the wonderful, devastating, exciting, scary world in which we live. It can convey emotion. It can cause feelings to bubble to the surface. It can foster hope and fuel despair.

A photo can be powerful, meaningful, emotional and impactful. It can be all these things and more.

Or it can just be another photo.

This photo below may just be another photo for some, but for me, this photo from Tuesdays 6 AM VGT session epitomises much of what makes Virtus, Virtus.

There are two wonderful humans, who are both focused on moving well. They have shown up early, they are committed to following their program and they are putting in the work. They are both on their own journeys, but they are people connected by place. A place that, without the people who frequent it, would just be another factory; four concrete walls and a roof with a bunch of stuff inside.

On the whiteboard behind them, there is a little reminder of the role ‘perspective’ plays in our lives. An important nudge to change the way we look at our own personal journey, a prompt to zoom out to remind ourselves that good shit takes time. To be patient. To slow down on the expectations and to focus in on showing up and doing the work. If the last 8 months have taught us anything, it is this lesson.

Above the whiteboard is potentially the most important message of all: a message to be kind. A message we are taught as children but at times can unwillingly forget.

We all know the brilliance that being kind can bring. We all know that kindness is magic. But sometimes we need a little nudge to remember. First to ourselves, then to those we love, then to those we have never met.

Many of us have been scared, worried, anxious and overwhelmed over the past few months. These are completely adequate feelings, all of which can begin to be remedied by simple acts of kindness.

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Here’s what I want you to do…

Flick through the last 10 photos on your phone. What do you see?

When I see this photo, I feel a sense of excitement, love, pride, appreciation, gratitude, inspiration and some old fashioned goodness.

One simple photo, taken by the push of a button made me feel all these things and more. After 230 days away from the place and the people I love, it’s photos and moments in time like these that fill my soul with joy.

I appreciate you all.