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Wallace’s Weekly Wrap

Happy Friday you wonderful humans.

Wow, what a week. 

Last week’s email is certainly still applicable very very relevant. If you missed it, or want to read it again hit this link. 

Now for this week… 

This has probably been the hardest week of my life. If not the hardest, it’s certainly near the top of the page.

On Sunday night Scomo announced that all gyms (along with many others) would have to close as of Monday 12 pm. On Monday morning we ran our VGT and VAD as normal. At lunchtime, we shut up shop indefinitely and began the next chapter of Virtus Performance, and the next chapter of our lives. 

To say it’s been an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement. (Cue my favourite scene from scrubs)

We met as a team on Monday to discuss our next moves. Fortunately, we had put in a significant amount of work over the last few weeks preparing for this as a possibility but preparing and actioning are two different things. We discussed many things in that meeting, but the themes that shone through will be the foundation for how we act and continue on through this next period of uncertainty.

Virtus is so much more than four walls, a roof and some equipment. 

Virtus always has been and always will be about the people. 

Our mission to deliver the best coaching experience possible to those people, to stand by the values of character, courage and excellence and to do so whilst improving the physical and mental health of everyone who calls themselves a member of our community, the Virtus Family, does not change one bit.

The way we deliver it changes, but who we are and why we do what we do, does not change in the slightest.

We now run an online business, (with brick and mortar overheads ) and we will do our absolute best to service the Virtus Family the ways we know how. Plus the new and exciting ways we are fortunate enough to be able to explore in these crazy times. 

How we decide to approach our current situation will determine whether this experience is a positive or negative one. The type of media we decide to consume will alter our mindset for better or for worse. How often we decide to move will alter our health and wellbeing either positively or negatively. How often we allow ourself space to stop, breathe, appreciate and practice gratitude will completely change how our minds act when we have low moments.

Calm mind, grateful heart, we can’t lose.

As far as I’m concerned, we still live in the most prosperous time in human history, we are more fortunate than we gratitude, empathy and kindness are superpowers, especially when times are tough. Be patient, practice appreciation for all you do have but most of all stay connected, stay healthy, stay positive and stay home. 

I love you all. 

Ps: We have had over 150 humans join the 60 Day Be Better challenge. If you’d like to be a part of it, click this link. 


A very grateful and appreciative and optimistic human.

Ya know what Lachie, I’ve been thinking.

We’re writing history books with what’s happening now, and it’s not for nothing.

The planet is doing what it needs to do, environmentally it’s doing wonderful and long overdue things.

The canals in Venice are so much healthier, as is the air in China. Both of those things were unlikely, impossible, 6 months ago.

We are all also forced to bunker down and truly work out the things that are important to us.

We always talk about it, but when do we ever have the time to do it?

Personally and environmentally this period will be, by far, the most fruitful for ourselves and more importantly for our children.

I’m so grateful to be able to isolate in this wonderful country, where our greatest fear is no toilet paper, to have access to the internet, not for the news but to have access to my friends and be able to train with you and continue life as “normal”.

We, as a first world country, are so, so lucky to be experiencing this right now.

As with any fucking hard time, we won’t know just how much we have learned and benefited until we are on the other side.

Have faith, I do.
This is the shit that makes us ❤

— Elysia Kelly