Life is about building capacity


Virtus Family!

Happy Friday.

We are five days into the Virtus COVID Games and I am so incredibly proud of how so many of you have shown up to contribute to your individual and collective wellbeing. At a time where community has never been more important, you’re all making ours stronger, bravo.

If you’re not currently partaking in the games but would like to, there are a couple of teams that could use your help 

The games were designed for two reasons. The first is obvious. The second less so. But both are important.

1. To bring good humans together in a tough time, to do good things and strengthen our collective wellbeing.

2. To show ourselves, and each other, that we can all achieve whatever we want to, all it takes is a clear target, a willingness to improve, trust in the process and collective accountability to doing the thing that you said you would do.

As we are well aware, most people don’t achieve most of the goals they set out to, they don’t do the things that set their soul on fire, and they end up living a life of compromise and frustration. The passage below by Henry David Thoreau articulates this well.

It is an awful thing, that this occurs, and of course, everyone has their reasons. But it does not have to be this way.

The tasks and the pillars that we are focusing on in the Virtus COVID Games can seem arbitrary at first.

Mental Health | Learning | Training | Connection | Lifestyle

Five Pillars, two tasks, simple things that can take you from a life of quiet desperation to a life of active fulfilment and meaning. Too often do we overlook the simple things that can cultivate capacity in our lives.

Because after all, life is about building capacity with the ones we love, to enable us to be and do more good.

Think of doing these basic things well, often, as you growing your roots deeper and stronger to be able built the capacity to be one of the tallest trees in the forest.

I’m proud to be a part of a community that values building capacity.

A community that is grateful for what we have, and working for what we want.



p.s Wear a mask, stay home, choose kind and look after each other.