A List of 39 Thoughts, Opinions & Feelings.


Virtus Family!

Happy Friday.

With plenty happening (and not happening) at the minute, I figured that the best way to approach today’s correspondence was to cultivate a list of thoughts, opinions, and feelings about our current predicament.

Here’s 39 of them.

  1. I am grateful to those who take time out of their Friday to read through these emails. Thank you.

  2. This too shall pass. As I mentioned in a FB video this week, it’s important to have some perspective.

  3. Our doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, teachers, and anyone putting themselves at risk at the service of others deserve a pat on the back, a big hug (save it for later), and a thankyou. On behalf of the community. Thank you.

  4. You’re allowed to hold two opposing ideas as truth at the same time, actually, I’d recommend it.

  5. Kindness is the antidote to ignorance. Kindness brings with it empathy, empathy brings understanding.

  6. People are scared. Fear creates irrational behavior. Be kind to those freaking out.

  7. Social responsibility is important: Wear a mask, Stay 1.5, Stay Home, Wash your hands.

  8. Together is better.  

  9. A solo morning walk can set up your day.

  10. A walk with a friend can give you the space to set up your (or their) week

  11. Self Leadership is hard, but discipline does = freedom. Set your minimums and follow through.

  12. Don’t follow blindly, but stay in your lane. I don’t ask my dentist for car advice. Maybe the epidemiologists know a few things that you don’t.

  13. Gratitude is a superpower.

  14. Daily Journalling can cultivate awareness, and grow your capacity. I recorded a podcast talking about it, with ways to build your practice.  

  15. Daily meditation can do the same thing. It will give you space to simply be. If you would like a familiar face, subscribe to Anna’s youtube channel

  16. Hindsight is 2020. Don’t expect to get everything right. You’ll get most things wrong, and that’s ok.

  17. Group accountability is marvelous.

  18. Movement is medicine.

  19. We have two voices in our heads. They are not you. But who you are is determined by which one you choose to listen to.  

  20. No feeling is final. Keep going…

  21. The majority of what happens is completely outside of your control. Identify what is within, and work on those few things.

  22. The most important part of the process, is desire. People will learn, do, and be what they want.

  23. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own. Cultivate yours, and you’ll create space for others.

  24. Life is made up of many seasons. Appreciate the current season you’re in because you’ll miss aspects of it when it’s gone.

  25. You are what you eat. But you are also what you consume. Content (books, movies, podcasts) conversation, social media, etc.

  26. Tick off your big rocks: 8 hrs of sleep, 3 litres of water, Good nutrition, and daily movement.

  27. The current restrictions on hospital visits are incredibly tough and hard for families: But these restrictions are there to save lives. Both sides are valid. It’s unfair, but life is unfair. Tough.

  28. Be genuine

  29. Life is chaos, embrace it, appreciate it, learn to cultivate a love of fate.

  30. Nothing beats a good movie on the couch. Get around Letterboxd if you like movies & reviews. Follow me too.

  31. Children are happy because they live moment to moment. We can learn a lot from them.  

  32. If you need help, ask. If you don’t, offer it.  

  33. Career politicians shouldn’t exist. We should live in a world where the people we listen to, those making decisions, are people who have walked the walk, built context in their chosen fields and have the desire to contribute to the world their children will grow up in.

  34. Volume > Intensity. Find your rhythm and be consistent.  

  35. We are all biased beyond understanding. We warp the world to suit our world view, it helps to know this.  

  36. My Spotify playlists have been 12/10 lately, just saying…

  37. Local businesses now need your support more than ever. Hit up Jetty Road Brewery for your Dinner & beers, Commonfolk & Prodigal for your coffee, and click this link for a bunch of Virtus Family businesses.

  38. Community is a powerful tool. Contribute and lean on ours. It’s a positive-sum game. Every connection creates more momentum.

  39. Self-fulfilling prophecies are real. How you think determines what you do and where you go. Back yourself in, tell yourself you can do something enough, eventually you’ll believe it and it’ll happen.

If you got this far, thanks for sticking around. I hope some of the points resonated. I’d love to hear from you your favourites and if you oppose any of them.

Big love, look after each other

Things are tough at the moment, please reach out if I/we can help in any way