Your Morning Coffee


Virtus Family!

If you’re anything like me, at some point this morning you’ll be sitting down to enjoy your morning coffee. When you do, take a moment to appreciate the journey those beans have gone through to end up in the mug in your hand.

The meticulous process that has been followed over their lifespan to bring a little bean across the world so that you can enjoy a warm, caffeinated beverage is nothing short of mindblowing.

My coffee of choice this morning, a Batchy. The Apolina Arevalo single origin.

Like all good nursery rhymes, let’s start at the beginning.

About 7 years ago, in a greenhouse in the South American Country of Peru, a bunch of little seedlings were planted.

Once large enough, they were each moved to the farm where they would grow into full-blown coffee trees.

It would be years until they would be ready to be picked, but once matured, the cherries were harvested from the trees, pulped and dried.

Once dried, the beans are graded to sort by size and quality. Meticulously screened, checked and rechecked to then be bagged, sold and committed to a destination across the world.

After a 6 month journey on a leaky boat, it hits the local dock, is packed and transported to the roaster of choice (in this case Commonfolk Coffee)

From this point on, most of us are a little more familiar with the process. The roasters decide on the variables for this particular roast, it’s tried and tested and along the way the green beans turn brown and we have our finished product.

Roasted coffee beans that have travelled halfway around the world, ready for you, the consumer to decide how you’d like to consume your warm cup of joe. White, Black, Filter, Batch Brew or Cold Brew; the choice is yours.

Then its grounded, brewed and enjoyed. In the comfort of your favourite coffee shop. What an end to a 7 year journey for those delicious little beans.

Very rarely when we look at our coffee in the morning, do we think that there is 7 years of history in the cup. Not to mention the hundreds of people who have contributed to that journey over the years. For such a simple outcome, there is evidently an incredibly rich process behind it.

Health and fitness are no different. You don’t have a tangible, cup of strength or speed to enjoy at the end of it, but when properly understood, you’ll realise how important process, time and consistency is to the person you are today.

We all want to be stronger, leaner, healthier and happier, but few of us look at the process as the magnificent journey that it is, too often we miss the forest for the trees. If we were to shift our thinking just slightly, to play the long game, to plant, and to grow each aspect of your capacity with a long term view in mind.

Water those little trees, and ‘don’t worry if your tasks are small and rewards are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut, like you’

From little things, big things grow.