What Do you Genuinely Care About?


Happy Friday you wonderful humans.

The Wrap is back for 2021…

Things I genuinely care about

  • Compassion

  • Community

  • Excellence

  • Family

  • Lessons

  • Freedom

  • Hard things

  • Development

  • Quality conversation

  • Good people doing good things

Things that don’t motivate me in the slightest

  • Money

  • Fame

  • ‘Success’

  • What other people think of me

  • Gourmet Pizza

Over the last 5 years, I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster of growth and development both with Virtus and as a person.

Over that time there have been many seasons. Some of which have brought joy and happiness and the others which have brought struggle and suffering. There have been times I’ve hunted progress like nothing else mattered, and other times I’ve sought out space to stop, think and appreciate what I have.

Regardless of what the season brings, I feel as though each one teaches me something and develops my capacity to overcome the next set of problems to cultivate the life I want to live.

As we embark on the beginning of a new year, take some time to

One of the reasons I feel at peace with how the world works is because everything I do is intrinsically linked back to my values.

Every decision, belief, action and interaction is influenced by what I genuinely care about and of course impacted by the things that don’t float my boat.

Take some time to align your thoughts and actions with your values and the complexity of life shifts into appreciative simplicity.

Whatever you have planned for 2021, I encourage you to be real, to be transparent, and to be you.


p.s My boy Coop had a big 2020 at Virtus, he has put together a ‘Welcome to 2021 at Virtus’ video and it’s heavy on the Coop (which we love) Hit the button to check it out. ​​