The Good Stuff – Issue #1


Welcome to The Good Stuff

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been delivering my Weekly Wrap to your inboxes. A deep dive into a topic where I’d attempt to pull on a thread and acquire some sort of useable wisdom to help us all live a happier, healthier life. I’ve loved every week, even 80% of the Friday mornings when I’d sit there and have no idea what I was going to write about. For now, the Weekly Wrap has run its course and I’m excited to change the format to bring you a succinct, bite-sized drop of goodness each week.

The Good Stuff.

There will be no strict structure to how I put this together. My goal is to bring you the things that bring me joy, challenge me and help me unroll the chaos that is our world in 2021. So let’s get to it.

The Good Stuff: Issue 1
A Thought
Does anyone else feel as though you are hesitating more than normal? After the last 12 months, I feel that many of us are biased towards inaction. We are waiting for our world to be shut down and come grinding to a halt again. We are all being passengers in our own lives. Sure, another shutdown is a potential outcome, yet we all know that a bias towards taking action, helps us to make good things happen.
My suggestion: Make the call, pull the trigger, do the thing.
A Question
What do you really want?
This is a question I am journalling on at the moment. What do I genuinely want? With all the chaos that general life throws our way, it’s easy to become lost in the noise and fall into a monotonous day to day existence. This question helps us align our desires with our actions, to move us in the direction we want to go.
Something you should care aboutWe are all incredibly biased. These biases affect everything from our decision making to our interactions with those around us. Here are 3 important biases that I believe we should all be aware of

1. Conservatism Bias: Where people favour prior evidence over new evidence or emerging information. People were slow to accept that the earth was round because they maintained their earlier understanding that the planet was flat.
2. Blind Spot Bias: Failing to recognise our own cognitive biases is a bias in itself. People notice cognitive and motivational biases much more in others than in themselves.
3. Recency Bias: The tendency to weigh the latest information more heavily than older data. Investors often think the market will always look the way it looks today and can make unwise decisions.

A suggestion

A book that dives into decision making and biases.
Superthinking: The Big Book Of Mental Models by Gabriel Weinberg & Lauren McCann.
Thanks for reading The Good Stuff. I’ll see you all next week.