The Good Stuff #3 – Introspection, Fading Away, Things You Love & The Word Antithesis


The Good Stuff – Issue #3

An Action
The Good Stuff List
Write a list of 30 things that you love to do.
They can be big things like climbing mountains, or simple things like enjoying your morning coffee. Once you have compiled your list, you now have in your hand a treasure map to joy & happiness.
Start doing those things that you put on your list, and take the time to appreciate why you love them.
We get one life, we may as well fill it with shit we love to do.

Here’s a snapshot of my list: 1. Time with Lucy & KP. 2. My Morning Coffee. 3. My Job. 4. Playing Football. 5. Training in the gym. 5. Writing these emails. 6. Playing Fifa. 7. Family Time. 8. Sitting at the bottom of the ocean. 9. Listening to audiobooks. 10. Making Spotify Playlists. 11. Drinking beers/Gin/Whisky. 12. Hard Questions. 13. Meaningful conversations. 14. Playing Scrabble. 15. Building Community. 16. Journalling. 17. Banksy Time. 18. Going for walks. 19. Camping. 20. Climbing Mountains. 21. Buying Books. 22. Standing up for what I believe in. 23. Being wrong. 24. Brain Dumps. 25. Living where I live. 26. Connecting with good people. 27. Cooking. 28. Watching & Reviewing films. 29. Adventures. 30. Writing lists.

A Quote From Me
External validation is the antithesis of internal happiness.

A Book
Not Fade Away – Laurence Shames and Peter Barton
This is a book I’m reading again purely for the impact it had on me the first few reads. An idealistic, honest account of a life lived to the fullest, and the journey towards death that we will all embark on. Peter when diagnosed with cancer confronts his inevitable demise with grace and humour. Supported by his co-author Laurence Shames this is a book that should be more widely consumed.

p.s Buy it local. Amazon doesn’t need your money.
The family-owned bookstore down the road certainly does.

A Life-Changing habit
Reflection & Introspection
Most of you will know that each day I journal for a page on a particular thought or idea. Earlier this week I hit 900 consecutive days. Whatever the medium that works for you, find a way to cultivate a reflective practice into your day. It will change your life for the better.

This was the Good Stuff.



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