3 FAQs of Newcomers

What are the benefits of training with a coach?


Having a qualified expert to keep an eye on you, correct any mistakes you make and keep you accountable will improve your performance. Having a coach ensures that the training is specific to your needs and abilities. It also helps to have that extra motivation when you need it!

Should I see the Phys (Greg, our sports physiotherapist)?

Absolutely, yes. If you are in pain, have a little niggle or would just like a tune up, Greg is the man to see. Sometimes, we put off addressing any pain or soreness in the hope that it will just “come good”. But something left unchecked, may result in further dysfunction and pain down the line. Its a good idea to see the best in the business and let him work his magic.

Why am I not losing weight?

In order to lose weight, we need balance. We need to follow a balanced healthy diet, follow a consistent training program and foster a positive relationship with ourselves. It’s not as simple as just being in a calorie deficit; we must also think about stress levels, sleep quality and quantity, hydration and the quality of food we are eating.